A sticker containing Nazi imagery has been found at Falmer House. The action has been condemned by the Students’ Union, referring to it as a “hate incident on campus”, whilst pointing out it was just last week the Holocaust Memorial Day was marked around the world.

The Badger has been told the police have been informed of the incident.

On the same day a report by the Community Security Trust (CST), a charity that monitors anti-semitism in the UK, was released. In which it claims anti-semitic hate crime in Britain has increased by more than a third last year. 1,309 anti semitic incidents were reported in 2016, the highest annual total recorded by CST. 

There has also been a surge in hate crime around the country since Britain voted to leave the EU.

The union gave the following statement online:

“A sticker featuring Nazi imagery has been found on campus. We condemn this action in the strongest terms and reiterate the importance of inclusivity and opposing discrimination that students have long supported at Sussex.

“Holocaust Memorial Day was marked internationally last week and will take place on campus on Wednesday 8 February. Incidents like this show the need to remain vigilant and oppose anti-Semitism and discrimination.

“The Students’ Union is committed to providing an inclusive and supportive environment where everyone is treated equally and with respect. We will not tolerate any form of discrimination including harassment and bullying. We want to ensure students feel welcome and safe on campus.

“We’ve reached out to the Jewish society and any students affected can contact Adèle Duvillier, Activities Officer.”

More to follow.

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