Due to technical issues with the university computer systems, the university has extended deadlines for all taught postgraduates and undergraduates.

This is the second time this has happened in about as many weeks.

In an email, the university has notified students that todays deadlines (16th November) will now be extended until Friday (18th). The extension also applies to those handing in work late. The ‘up to 24-hours late’ grace period for late submissions will be extended to the following Monday (21st).

Georgia Foxwell a postgrad MFM student speaking on the problem said:

“although I am glad that the university provided a 48 hours extension it is disappointing and very stressful that they usually wait until after 4pm to tell us this”.

Those who have submitted work today working around the inconvenience may be able to re-submit it. Since some schools have stated that students will be able to do so during the extension.

The university had to extend deadlines only weeks ago because of an outage on their systems and problems with accessing study direct.

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