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Bloosoms: Summer’s Best Band

Lauren Wade

ByLauren Wade

Sep 10, 2016


A Stockport five-piece, Blossoms are possibly the UK’s most exciting new act and they’ve released a bloomin’ good stomper of a debut album. Their eponymous first release has dominated and completely claimed the album charts since its release and sees the band holding their own entirely.

   Opening on the iconic, riff-heavy masterpiece that is ‘Charlemagne’, the band consisting of Tom Ogden, Charlie Salt, Josh Dewhurst, Joe Donovan and Myles Kellock appear to have left the aforementioned track that broke them alone and sometimes it’s better that way. There was never any need to vamp the tune up, yet it’s one that fans will happily listen to.

   New material such as the effortlessly catchy ‘Texia’ and the 80s indebted ‘Honey Sweet’ are potential chart-toppers. Blossoms hit soaring heights on these tracks as they feature looped and layered guitar hooks that reel in listeners and will have them hitting repeat in seconds. Old fan favourite ‘Blown Rose’ is a highlight of previous EPs and stands tall amongst the many songs on the album that deal with the ever so reliable topic of love.

   Blossoms pay homage to the 1980s and electro pop on previous single ‘Getaway’ but it’s difficult to place them firmly in one category. ‘Smashed Pianos’ sees the Stockport outfit rack up a number of similarities to Britpop legends Suede and it’s easy, inoffensive listening that will quickly convert you into a fan if you’re not already.

    Right from the opening strums of live favourite ‘Cut Me and I’ll Bleed’ you can tell it’s going to be a feel-good track and the band deliver with an infectious sub-four minute number and exuberant, gleeful chorus. The album closes on ‘Deep Grass’ which delves into and treats listeners to a slice of full on psycho-electronic rock at its finest.

   Blossoms have made a masterpiece of a first album that will prove to be difficult to follow up. ‘Blossoms’ consists of radio-friendly hits with electrifying synths and the kind of guitar hooks that grab hold and won’t let go in a hurry. Blossoms are a band who are very easy to fall in love with and we suggest you do – these boys are going places.

Lauren Wade

By Lauren Wade

Music Editor

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