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Hannah Jones: The Future of This Country

Freya Marshall Payne

ByFreya Marshall Payne

Mar 3, 2016

Who are you?

I’m Hannah Jones. Second year neuroscience student, station manager of URF, a bit naughty but generally quite nice.

What the fridge-magnet is URF?

URF is the best society at Sussex. We combine events, music, comedy, politics and some great people and broadcast it to students and the Brighton population. Can’t beat that, really. We welcome a diverse rtange of presenters, producers, and listeners to make radio even Terry Wogan would have been proud to present.

What is DAB, how did URF get it, is it contagious?

DAB is a highly sought after conidtion that isn’t contagious, but the result of serious hard work and awesomeness. It can also be bought. Digital radio is a craze that has been sweeping the nation for the last few years, and we’ve suddenly been hit with an opportunity to broadcast via this platform. If you have digital radio, you can tune in Monday to Friday, 11am to midnight and beyond. Go to, too, for a vast range of shows to suit even the fussiest of listeners.

So what’s new this year on the station?

There’s a load on this year. Aside from a new exec team leading the way we’ve got awesome newbies like Ladies Night with Sazza and Tasha (Fridays at 7) and Punch the Line, Sussex Comedy Society’s hour at 10pm, meeting with URF classics like The GATT Show, The Watercooler, and so many more!

We’ve got lots of events coming up, including our Student media Anniversary Ball, celebrating 40 years of URF (and something with the Badger idk) and the continuity of URFunny comedy nights in Room 76….

We’re shifting 40 years worth of vinyl, too, on the 3rd of March- so head up to the URF office to grab a slice of history!

You were recently named one of Sussex’s 20 most influential humans, who did you kill to get there?

I STILL CAN’T SERIOUSLY BELIEVE PEOPLE SEE ME AS INFLUENTIAL, but i’m holding out that people read rthis article and take something from it. I murdered nobody, the only thing destroyed on my path to greatness is my mysteriousness, forever gone. I quite enjoyed being unkown…

Donald Trump and Piers Morgan are drowning and you onlt have time to save one. What sandwich do you make?

Brown bread, cheese and salsa sauce. Spice and maturity. Pretty delicious!

What are your plans for the immediate future?

Plans for the future: continue to work towards Ultimate Domination for URF, and when that is done, probably pursue a career in science, trying to figure out the brain.

Maybe try and get to Number 1 Most Influential.

Abraham Baldry: True of False?

False. He’ll be gone soon, anyway!

Should I start a paintball society?

Yes, but not with URF Money.

Matthew McGregor-Morales

Freya Marshall Payne

By Freya Marshall Payne

Editor-in-Chief. Freya also works on a radio show for Platform B, "Off the Fence", and has freelanced for local newspapers. Freya was previously the Badger's News Editor, and while at sixth form college she founded a student newspaper, The Cymbal. Twitter:

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