Sean Kelly (the auctioneer from Storage Hunters) is bringing his show, Sean Kelly Live!, to the Corn Exchange as part of the Brighton Comedy Festival on the 17TH October. Alex Mason asked him a few questions to get acquainted…

What’s your show about, Sean?

International travel, embarrassing myself everywhere I go. Living in the UK. Being married to an OCD/Germaphobe and growing up in Germany.

Have you got any fond memories or strong feelings concerning Brighton?

I once had the flu in Brighton and spent 4 days locked in a hotel room. In other words, best time ever!!

What other shows would you recommend at this year’s Brighton Comedy Festival?

I did a chat show once with David O’Doherty and he wasn’t a dick in the green room so go see him.

What one joke do you wish that you’d written?

Anything ever written by Bill Burr.

How many students does it take to change a light bulb?

One to google “how to change a light bulb”

One to watch a YouTube video on how to change a light bulb

One to post pictures of the burnt out bulb on Instagram

One to update their FB status to “frustrated”

One to order a pizza

One to design an app on how to change a bulb

One to call their dad and ask how to change a bulb

One to …….

How much space do I have left to beat this joke into the ground?

Kelly embarks on his debut UK stand-up comedy tour, Sean Kelly Live!, from 23rd September to 29th October 2015 and will be bringing it to Brighton Corn Exchange on the 17th October.

For tickets, visit

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