Student Beans have recently revealed a ‘University Drinking League Table’ for 2015 that has seen the University of Sussex come in a close second with students apparently consuming an average of 18.2 units of alcohol per week.

‘University Drinking League Table’ is back by popular demand for the first time since 2012.

The University of York came in first place with students consuming an average of 19.73 alcohol units per week, the equivalent to approximately ten pints of lager. Aberystwyth University and the University of Glasgow followed Sussex with an average of 16.90 and 16.56 units per student per week.

The University of Glamorgan came last in the league table with only an average of 5.98 units of alcohol consumed by students a week.

The recommended amount of alcohol for a man to consume in a week is no more than 21 units, and for a woman the limit stands at 14 units.

However, when Student Beans recently asked students ‘Do you ever drink alcohol?’, 12 percent of male respondents said ‘No, I do not drink alcohol at all’, compared with 7 percent of female respondents.

Although on the whole, Drinking trends seem to have calmed down since the 2012 table which saw Queen’s University Belfast take home the crown with students drinking an average of 27.3 units a week.

Student Beans also recently conducted a survey in which they asked 1,649 students about their drinking habits that revealed that only 76 percent of students would give up drinking if it meant that they did not have to pay their tuition fees.

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