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Nerd Nite: Science Festival Preview

The Badger

ByThe Badger

Feb 9, 2015

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Music, cake, laughter, quizzes and nerdy science talks – yes, you guessed it. It’s time for this month’s Nerd Nite. As you most probably know, Nerd Nite delights and fascinates our fellow nerds with three talks from some very passionate people.

This month is no exception; hosted at Komedia (a larger and upgraded venue to the usual gathering spot), Nerd Nite features a SciFest Special with appearances from Professor Mark Hindmarsh, Dr John Wood and The Science Museum’s resident comedy team, Science Punk.

The Big Bang

Turning the clock back to the first few picoseconds of time, Professor Mark Hindmarsh explains the little bangs in the Big Bang. A particle cosmologist at the University of Sussex, we will learn what connects our kettles with the Higgs and a Laser Interferometer in space!

Animal Disease

The night will also explore why is it that some animal diseases have little impacts on humans and some can jump to humans to create alarm and panic? Dr John Wood, previous influenza virologist at the World Health Organisation (WHO) laboratory in Hertfordshire looks in detail at complex and remarkable viral diseases of wild animals and explains what ducks, fruit bats, camels and civets all have in common.

The truth behind sci-fi

Last and in no way least: Science Punk, who will be examining the science behind Science-Fiction. How much of Science-Fiction might actually have a basis on hard science? If you have been to see Science Punk before, you surely know that there will be lots of silliness involves (even some crisp eating and bizarre sign language! Who knows!).

Keep an eye out for The Badger’s review of the Nerd Nite: Science Festival in the coming weeks.

Doors open at 7:30pm for am 8pm start. £4 for regular nerds and £3 for NUS/ 65+ nerds. 19th Feb 2015 @ Komedia. Tickets are available now here.

Further info about Nerd Nite can also be found on their Facebook page here.

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