Work hard play hard.

Fully accepting the consequences of a heavy night out, Adira lays across her bed, eagerly anticipating the arrival of her mother to collect her for the Christmas break.

The conversation has a slightly soporific effect but I chuckle at the thought of her hangover getting worse in the hours to come. I take a moment to gaze around the room, only to be greeted by page upon page of revision notes plastering the walls and every flat surface available.

I dare not allow my eyes to settle on anything that beguiles them, knowing fully well that i’d cringe at the sight of an annotated ultrasound image or anything else that came up on our recent end of term exam. Maybe it’s easier to stare at the carpet and avoid nausea that way, but unfortunately there are even more notes littered all over it.

I suppose this just serves to highlight how much we want to move on to the next chapter, and it’s made all the more tantalising by the second years who tell us that next term has more ‘real medicine’ in it.

If you were wondering where we’ve been these last couple of weeks, (mainly taking up desk space in the library) you’re sure as hell not going to find us now.

Our unnecessarily extravagant four week break started before advent and in the time it takes George Osborne to make another false promise towards the NHS budget, we deserted campus and ran over the hills to the familiarity of a Christmas at home.

Time to kick back, relax and recharge the batteries and refocus ahead of what looks to be a promising 2015. I’ll take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Léon Sharman

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