Students are increasingly turning away from takeout meals and turning instead to home cooking, according to new research by Amazon Student.

Statistics released this month by Amazon Student, an online membership programme for Higher Education students, revealed that sales of cookbooks from the website have soared 70 percent in the last month amongst university attendees.

Amazon Students assert that these figures indicate a desire by students to learn to cook more wholesome meals for themselves, rather than wholly relying on takeaway and microwave meals.

Popular student purchases in the past month include budget meal cookbooks, slow cooker cookbooks and bakery books.

The surge in university students buying cookbook comes in the wake of successful TV food programmes such as The Great British Bake Off, Which Amazon Student claim may have had an influence on students wanting to cook better meals for themselves.

Currently, the post purchased book by Amazon Student members is Nosh for Students by Jon and Ron May. Amongst the most popular cookbook authors for students were Jamie Oliver, Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood.

Charlie Caroe, Amazon Student manager at, said: ““As well as stretching their academic minds while at university, students are also stretching their culinary capabilities.

The recent surge in cookbook sales shows that students are interested in choosing to cook more exciting meals from scratch while at university to satisfy their sense of accomplishment.”

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