As a girl, I, personally, find the topic of rape is one of the most sensitive. It is kind of hard to even talk about it. It is something that people try to ignore, because there is always not enough power for girls to protect themselves and, moreover it is so shameful to admit it and report to the police. But why?

For those who have been robbed there are no questions and doubts about should or shouldn’t someone report the crime. It is something that I can never understand, because for me crime is a crime, if you are breaking the law and are so “brave” to attack someone who cannot resist. It definitely should be punished strongly and there are no questions about the victim’s level of responsibility for the crime.

That is why when I read or hear about rape cases, in which victim is the one who is blamed for it, it makes me so angry and sad (as it should), because society’s function is to protect its members and punish those, who act against the rules. However, the problem is that for some people rape is normal and acceptable (what?).

In an American forum, where people were discussing the leaking of celebrity photos, people started discussing how rape can be the act of controlling women’s behavior. Some users compared women with children, who have no discipline and self-control, so someone should teach them a lesson about how to act and behave in public.

It is needed to be said that users of that forum were anonymous. It is very interesting0 if someone has such a strong opinion and thinks that it is right, why should you hide in the internet?!

In the light of the rape case on campus, this is very important to feel safe and protected, but it is almost impossible when you don’t even know that somebody who you see every day at university can think that rape is totally normal or even can do something like it.

I believe that it is very important to care about each other, because it is important to remember that we are all someone’s sister or daughter. And we never want something terrible to happen with somebody who we love.

Anna Sudnitcyna

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