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Brighton’s 10th Cine-City festival opened with a screening of the much anticipated ‘The Seven Psychopaths’. Although the showing was not the films debut, it hasn’t been out long on the big screen.  A ‘black comedy’ was all I had heard, though to be honest, I did not have much expectation. It was a long time ago since I saw an interesting movie of this genre.

Yet, you do not need much time to recognize the talent of the Irish play writer and director, Martin McDonagh. An actor named Billy (Sam Rockwell), and the much older Hans (Christopher Walken), partners who essentially kidnap dogs then return them to their owners for money. Martin (Colin Farell), an alcoholic screenwriter, is more than enough to guarantee you a good laugh and an even better time.

Martin is trying to finish his new screenplay titled ‘Seven Psychopaths’. His friend Billy gets involved and tries to help him by creating a script full of stories based on true-life murders. Everything turns upside down when Hans and Martin kidnap the favorite dog of a dog-loving gangster (Woody Harrelson). After an unexpected series of events Martin, Billy and Hans end up trying to escape from the gangster in the desert. This is where the screen-writer tries to complete his plot with the contribution of the two other friends, whilst naturally, trying to survive.

McDonagh successfully manipulates and plays with the feelings of the audience. The films   sensibility literally goes back and forth. While you can really laugh at the absurdist events that occur, in the exact same moment everything can change and this humor will disappear, leaving the spectator feeling curious and anxious. It definitely keeps you in track with the plots fast pace.

This meticulous use of a deft black humor, packed with that acting talent, makes  ‘The Seven Psychopaths’ what it is; Ingenious!

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