Joe Wilson

Early Monday morning, feeling lightly toasted, I took myself around campus, with my trusty Dictaphone, to try and find out what Sussex students actually listen to. You’ve seen them around, headphones on or headphones in, and I think we have a right to know what’s getting delivered to their ears. Sussex, what jams are you getting down to?

Shakira, 18, Psychology & Sociology student

Badger: Hi, hey ‘scuse me, can I ask you what are you listening to?

Shakira: Umm, er, JLS

Would you say this is representative of students at Sussex?



Leanne, 18, Geography and Politics student

Badger: Hey, what are you listening to?

Leanne: John Mayer

Your listening to John Mayer! What song by John Mayer?


Passer-by: You know he’s kind of a d***; he has a really arrogant stage presence


Ievo, 25, I.R student

Badger: Hey, what you jammin’ to dog?

Ievo: Oh, Dolami



*wearing Ievo’s headphones* Wow, this is actually amazing, done with Sebastian, he’s French, right, are you French?

German actually

Whatever, they’re connected, right?



Badger: Hey, what are you listening to?

Anon: Apex

Don’t lie; I can hear Justin Bieber coming out of there, you a bel-ieber, aren’t you?

Who are you and what do you want? I’m going now, you’re actually scaring me.

We’ve finally pushed them too far

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