Ruth Atkinson

Brighton Museum and Art Gallery have JUST opened a new exhibition, “Shoot the Wrx”. The show is a collection of renowned experimental film-maker and artist Jeff Keen’s work. The exhibition pays homage to the deceased Brighton based artist, displaying g a rich and colourful cross-section of his varied work. Keen’s output is an inspiring superimposition of art medium that, seamlessly amalgamates film, collage and painting.

In conjunction with CINECITY and Lighthouse, the exhibition was opened alongside a series of talks held at The Old Courtroom that focused on Keen as a filmmaker.  Having pushed the boundaries of cinematography in an attempt to get beyond the frame, Keen produced over 70 films. The first speaker was his daughter, Stella, who’s personal involvement in making the films gave a fascinating and unique insight into the artist’s interior world. Highlighting Keen’s multitudinous influences and aspirations, Stella provided a personal context to the often obscure, always enticing and ever changing nature of her father’s work. The next two speakers, Al Rees and Duncan Reekie, gave academic and objective lectures on Keen’s transcendental work, observing its place within film-making history.

Intrigued? A number of Keen’s films are being shown in Brighton as part of CINECITY, and the exhibition is open until February.

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