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Sport bursary reception

The Badger

ByThe Badger

Nov 16, 2012

Martina Aegerter
Sports Editor

Last Tuesday, the 13th November, The Vice Chancellor Michael Farthing gave a reception for athletes at Sussex recieving a sport bursary.
According to the sussexsport page, “sports bursaries are offered annually to Sussex athletes who play at an international or national standard in their chosen sport and are supported by former students through the Sussex Fund, managed by the Development and Alumni Relations Office.”
This year, The High Performance Athlete Award went to Roseanne Thomas for Hockey and to Chloe Sutherland for Karate. Nicolla Weekes recieived the Performance Award for representing England in Rounders.
There were also 26 Development Athlete Awards given out to students who comnpete in their sport on county or national league level.
As well as receiving assitance from the sussex sport staff, the awards come with bursaries of £1000, £500 and £250 respectively. They are designed to enable student athletes to achieve at a high level despite the finacial pressures of student life. In his speech, Mr Farthing mentioned how pleased he is that the university is able to offer this scheme.
After all the awards were given out, and some had discovered sports new to them such as Three Day Eventing, everyone settled down to some drinks and nibbles. This might not be the sportiest way to celebrate athletes, but the evening certainly showed that Sussex hosts some serious sporting talent.

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