Victoria Ayininuola

As a fitness enthusiast, I see the gym as a form of relaxation, unorthodox I know, but that’s what gets me through the day. Running on the treadmill, doing endless rowing on the rowing machine and lifting heavy weights in the weights area: the gym is my playground.
So when I was given the opportunity to try out a Zumba class in the Sports centre, I was filled with excitement and slight apprehension.
My friends rave on about Zumba, talking about the addictive Latin beats and the end result which is weight loss while having fun.
The session began with a warm up with our instructor with Cara, and her enthusiasm has no bounds.  The music ranged from fresh Latin beats to good funky hits from the sixties.  As a dancer I found the movement quite easy to follow, but people who aren’t used to choreography might be slightly challenged. However, most of the movement is repetitive, it’s quite easy to catch on.
The session worked every aspect of our body without us even realising it, incorporating key exercise moves into the routines including squats, lunges and side crunches. With Zumba, I noticed my inner dance diva come out with the endless booty shaking  , salsa steps , Cha Cha‘s, Merengue, Raggateton, and of course my favourite, the Shimmy!
The session lasted an hour, and by the end of it I was surprisingly dripping with sweat. As every fitness addict knows, sweat is seen as liquid gold, a sign of a good workout.
Zumba is an amazing cardio workout, working every part of the body with the help of addictive Latin beats. If you haven’t discovered the Zumba scene yet,  better salsa your way to the sports centre and join the Zumba movement!

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