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Gin-Gan’s Stew

My Grandad’s stew is super easy to make, cheap, and if you make a big batch, can be frozen and eaten whenever- perfect for students!


Chicken breasts, chopped (usually 1 per person)

Chicken and/or beef stock (enough for flavour and to make a good sauce; I usually use one of each)

Onions, chopped

Red and green peppers, chopped

Carrots, chopped


Red Wine (this isn’t really necessary but I always put some in; you can buy red cooking wine from Sainsbury’s for a pound and you only need it for a bit of colour and flavour)

Potatoes, chopped

You can also add baked beans or pasta to bulk it out if you wish.


Brown the chicken in the pan (you need a big-ish pan if you’re making a lot, obviously).

Add the onions, stocks and the wine.

Add all the veg including any pasta/beans if using them.

Everything will boil and simmer and cook together for an hour and a half. Check the meat is cooked and tender.

Serve with crusty bread at lunchtime and mash for dinner. Easy!


Mars Bar Crispies


Rice crispies

Mars bars


Golden syrup


Simply mix up rice crispies with melted mars bars, small dollop of butter and a good blob of syrup.

Divide into cake cases for the fridge, and eat when it’s all stuck together.


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