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Sussex Professor’s Research makes History



Dec 17, 2018

Research from Sussex into child mental health has been named as on of the UK’s best scientific breakthroughs for its impact in shifting the Government’s approach to the issue.

The research was conducted by Professor Gordon Harold, Director of Sussex’s Andrew and Virginia Rudd Centre for Adoption Research and Practice.

His analysis has been centred around deconstructing the view that children are affected exclusively by genetics. He highlights the significance of nurture – healthy parental relationships, parents’ marital status and whether they live together – in impacting a child’s mental health.

He works specifically with adopted children and their families, as well as those who were born through assisted reproductive techniques such as IVF.

Both scientific and social research at UK universities has been at the forefront of best breakthrough lists. This specific research conducted by Harold is listed alongside analysis on how to tackle plastic pollution, the discovery of penicillin and the establishment of the Living Wage.

In response to Professor Harold’s research making the list, he said: “Good research underpins everything that we take for granted or accept as everyday aspects of modern day ‘quality of life

“Our health, wellbeing, safety, enjoyment of the arts, sciences, medicine, education and positive recreational pursuits are informed by good research, often conducted out of the limelight of modern media and public attention.

“UK universities are the forum for world-leading research, as evidenced by this list, adding both to the educational value of our students and promoting improved quality of life nationally and internationally.”, he added.

The list was compiled as part of the new MadeAtUni campaign by Universities UK, established to create a better understanding of how positively university life can impact students.

This article originally appeared in our December 10 print edition on page 7.

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