Kelly McBride

Elections have taken place here since the year the University was founded. Back in 1961, when 52 students came to Sussex, the first ever President of the Students’ Union was elected.

Last week saw thousands of Sussex students vote in elections for hundreds of positions, including: Student Reps,Student Trustees, Union Councilors, Part-time Officers and Representative Officers.

While the student numbers might have increased, the principle of democracy and collective decision-making is still central to everything the Students’ Union does.

We’re here to empower all students to get the most out of their time at Sussex. To do this we need to be representative of all students, whether undergraduate or postgraduate, home or international.

Those elected students are key to us achieving this. Some will be be working with your academics to make improvements to your course, others will be steering the policy direction of the Students’ Union, and some will be representing specific groups of students on campus. Every elected position matters in shaping the future of Students’ Union and the University.

If you voted, thank you! You played a part in making sure we remain a truly representative organisation.

If you didn’t vote, don’t worry; they’ll be a chance to have your say in Referenda later this term and in the Students’ Union Officer elections in February 2013.

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