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Oct 15, 2012

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This week heralds a development in the campaign ‘Democracy 2015’ which sees the seat for Corby being contested in a by-election this coming November.
The seat, previously occupied by MP Louise Mensch, will be a contested one for the Conservatives.
Some view it as a reflection of their reputation as leaders of the Coalition Government – half way through their term in office with the Liberal Democrats.
Democracy 2015 is fielding its own candidate, Adam Lotun, The Independent announced.
He is the first contender for Parliament running under D2015 and is hoped to give inspiration to other members of the public thinking of standing in their own constituencies.
Andreas Whittington Smith, the founder of the campaign, has asserted his views about the shortcoming of the current political system and the need for the people to determine policy rather than an elite few; he heralds ‘people politics’ over ‘party politics’.
In an interview about the campaign he spoke of the three D’s: Debate, Decide and Do, encouraging political mobility up and down the country.

These three themes are of particular prominence here at Sussex given the recent Union elections and the upcoming Students Decide meeting, which encourages all students at Sussex to submit their thoughts on improvements that the Union can undertake and get involved in positive changes that will affect their time at university.
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Words Bree Allegretti

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