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As I mentioned in my last article, it was a Tuesday and it was raining

Nothing has changed; it’s two weeks later and it’s still raining.

Same weather, different professor.

Richard Follett, professor of American History, started at Sussex in 1999.

His published works include ‘Slavery’s Ghost: The Problem of Freedom in the Age of Emancipation’ and ‘The Sugar Masters: Planters and Slaves in Louisiana’s Cane World, 1820-1860’, and if you can’t tell from the titles, these focus on the history of American Slavery.

His upcoming book is entitled ‘Troubled Minds: Slave Revolts in American Memory’ which continues the theme.

Dr Follet’s interest in history first arose from a GCSE/O Level teacher who inspired him greatly.

This continued with his A Level teacher who taught him how to properly write an essay (and for those who do essay based subjects, you will be aware of how priceless that knowledge is!).

His undergraduate degree was in American Studies and History, before completing his MA in London with Civil War Historian Peter Parish and his PHD in Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge.

On a personal note, Thomas Jefferson is his favourite President.  For those who are unaware of US Presidents, consider this the world’s shortest summary of Jefferson.

He was the third US President and one of the writers of the Declaration of Independence.

For further information, try Google.

Professionally, his favourite period of history is American and Caribbean history 1770-1780, but in university he enjoyed learning about medieval history.

Finally, as I finished my last article with this question, I will once more mention time travel.

Where would Dr. Follett like to travel back in time?

He would like to travel back in time to the world he studies – to see whether his research is correct.








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