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Freshers’ Fair is a different thing to different people. To returning students running the popular sports clubs it seems to be a bit of a chore. To the more obscure sports clubs and other societies, it’s a chance to sell what you do and who you are.

But whoever you are, you can’t deny that it’s a mouthwatering prospect to see the plurality of clubs and societies on offer, the time and effort put into these clubs by students, and opportunities these clubs can offer you during you time at the university. The Freshers’ Fair isn’t just about showing what clubs the university has on offer; it’s a celebration of diversity, the mixture of people and opportunities that can make students’ time at Sussex a great experience.

There were obviously a lot of people putting a lot of effort into advertising their clubs. This is what makes the fair so lovable: it’s a real physical testament to the passion, enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit of Sussex students. The effort put in to demonstration was very impressive, from a big trampoline to various nets on the lawn in front of library square.

I can’t even fault the Rugby boys for their laziness. It is a popular sport, and those who want to join them are not going to be persuaded to ditch rugby in favour of becoming the fat cheerleader at the bottom, regardless of any amount of glittery banners or free pens. The Ultimate Frisbee team relies on the Feshers’ Fair to be able to persuade people that there is more to Ultimate than they generally think (weed smoking hippies and a sideline hacky sack).

However, in the end it’s up to the freshers what club they join. I doubt there are many places that could offer this kind of diversity in opportunities, and in doing so could say so much about the range of people that make them possible. For new students, deliberating over their decision to be here, and for people who’ve been here for years, the Freshers’ Fair reminds us what makes where we are so great. So welcome to Sussex.


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The Fun of the Fair

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