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A student-led initiative has been established with the aim to reinstate the eco-friendly Big Lemon bus service between Brighton centre and campus.

The company, which operates sustainable vehicles using recycled cooking oil as fuel, was set up in 2007.

With infamous schemes like that of discounted student ‘lemonade’ passes or offering free travel during Fresher’s week to those in possession of a lemon, the service proved extremely popular with green-minded students who wanted a cheap way to travel to and from university.

Historically, The Big Lemon has provided two routes in Brighton: the 52 between the Marina and Woodingdean and the 44 between Old Steine and the Falmer campuses. However, the company were forced to suspend the latter route in December 2011 after the Brighton & Hove Bus Company cut their fares on the 23 and 25 services.

Environmental & Ethical Officer, Ben Lucas, who pledged to bring back the 44 route as part of his election campaign last year, has now negotiated a deal with The Big Lemon to contract their services by establishing a student cooperative.

“The Big Lemon was one of the most amazing things about coming to Sussex,” he commented, “it’s really sad to think that only third years and some second years will have had the chance to use the service.”

Membership to the cooperative lasts for six months and is available in two bands. £140 gives you unlimited travel, or the ‘LITE’ membership at £70 gives you half price off all fares.

800 members are required before the service becomes financially viable and if this target is not reached then full refunds will be issued.

“If we get this to work it will be an absolutely huge result for student buying-power and proof that we can really make an impact on the local economy.”

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