Lucy Hartland

The novelty and excitement of travelling back home to see my family this weekend was, unfortunately, to be short-lived by my return journey to Brighton.

On the train, packed like a sardine in a tin, I was sat opposite the most eccentric couple I have ever come across.

They subsequently decided to air all their dirty laundry in public, although judging from their smell and appearance; I’d say they hadn’t been to the laundrette in a few years!

At first I loved the cheap, Eastenders style entertainment, but after half an hour my interest and my patience began to wear thin and I began to turn my music up louder and louder trying to block out the shrill fishwife voice of the woman.

When it was time for me to get off at Brighton I was intrigued by the stupidity of a young woman, who was standing on the train waiting to get off… at the wrong set of doors!

Did she honestly think she could step out onto the tracks?

And what’s more, people were getting off the train via the correct doors behind her and the penny still didn’t drop!

It wasn’t until I informed her of the mistake that anyone (with half a brain cell) could have made, that she grudgingly reversed and used the other door.

Welcome back to Brighton!

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