Laurie Gerhardt

Seeing a man wielding a machete on the seafront of Brighton is not what you’d normally expect from a night out.

Strolling there late at night with my friend, we paused to observe a seemingly typical small fight between two lads-about-town.

They yelled at each other for a minute before one of the men pushed the other guy quite forcibly.

This of course, naturally caused the other to withdraw his foot-long machete.

With his hood up and machete held pointed at his target, he started to advance on the other man who promptly backed away before fleeing the scene.

I thought maybe I should call the police, but as I got my phone out, I realised he was staring straight at me.

I decided that maybe I should just start walking away for now and let machete-man go about his own business rather than getting involved myself.

After being denied entry to a club for taking ‘taking too long to decide whether to come in or not’ and then banned from everywhere on the seafront (due to the advanced walkie-talkie system the bouncers have) for one of our party calling The Tube bouncer something beginning with a C, I had reached an important conclusion.

The lesson here is, don’t take too long to decide if you want to go in to a club but by all means feel free to bring a machete out to town.

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