This week: The Horrors of Brightonian shopping

I was waiting in a seemingly stationary queue and someone decided to stand right up my rear!  I do not need someone’s sweaty front rubbing on my back (but thanks very much for offering). Those who stand so close need to learn about strangers’ boundaries.

After getting over this ordeal I travelled to the tills, where I was greeted at the check-out by the grumpiest server in Brighton.  Somehow, I seem to be naturally always drawn to the store Grinch when I am out shopping.  Would it kill them to crack a smile once in a while?

The other thing that really annoys me when I’m out shopping is the ineptitude of some shop assistants. They always seem as clueless as I am.

So that concludes my rant! If you wish to share your moaning moments with us, then please tweet @TheMoanZone and the best moaner will be printed in next week’s edition!

Lucy Hartland

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