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Match Report 24.10: Hockey

The Badger

ByThe Badger

Oct 26, 2012

Ailish Coghlan

Sussex hockey Women’s 1st team set off to the University of Surrey ‘s grounds in Guildford on Wednesday, and walked away fully endowed with their 8-0 win.
This being the first league match of the season, the team were quietly confident, yet quietly nervous at the same time. Looking back, it becomes clear that such reservations were in vain, and the team played well throughout the game as a unit. The defence remained strong throughout, not conceding any goals, while the mid-field and forwards kept pushing forward to ensure those balls crossed that yellow line.
Perhaps the final score doesn’t well and truly reflect the ball possession of the game, as Sussex had the lead 7-0 at half time, thus only scoring once in the second half. Did the girls become complacent? Did they run out of steam? Most likely both, seeing as it was a storming first match, but it also reflects Surrey’s determination to fight a losing battle; a relentlessness that we hope to see Sussex embrace when they face their greatest challenges. However, if there is one thing to reflect most intently on following this match, it is that Brighton only beat them 7-0 and we beat them 8-0. Sussex- let’s be relentless!


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