Nic Davies and Martina Aegerter
Sports Editors

At the time of writing, Sports Clubs at the University of Sussex have logged 20 victories from the 24 results submitted thus far (a further three results haven’t yet been received).

The Activities Office believe this to be an unprecedented day of success for Sports across the board, going as far as to term the results as an “unofficial record” for Sport at Sussex. There were especially impressive wins for Women’s Rugby, who completed a phenomenal 69-0 rout of Royal Holloway 1st on their own turf and Women’s Hockey who showed Surrey Women’s 1st a fancy sports centre isn’t everything with a superb 8-0 away win.

If that wasn’t enough to show that the spirit that steered the University to a highest ever 41st finish in the BUCS rankings last year is not only alive and well but growing, there was a very impressive feat from the Men’s Football 1st Team and Men’s Squash 3rd Team.

Both were travelling to away fixtures at the University of Buckinghamshire when the bus transporting them both broke down.

Not deterred by this, both teams showed fantastic composure and professionalism by taking the setback on the chin and both claimed great 3-0 wins when they eventually arrived. Long may it continue! Let’s strive for more of the same and perhaps there will be a new record finish to celebrate by the end of the year.

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