Vandalism hit the University last week following the targeting of both ATMs outside the Barclays bank on campus, leaving both cash-points incommunicado.

Barclays ATM vandalised. Photo: Ana Ramírez


The act of vandalism left both ATMs out of use for two days, meaning people were left with no choice but to use the HSBC cashpoints at the other end of  campus.

However, since the incident, Sussex Police have managed to identify and track down a potential suspect, who is currently under questioning by police authorities.

It was possible to identify the victim through the use of the CCTV cameras nearby, leading to the eventual collaboration which brought what is thought to be the solitary suspect to justice.

The evidence provided by the University is thought to have been integral to the subsequent detection of the suspect.

Roger Morgan, head of security at the University of Sussex, said, “We were recently able to provide the police with CCTV footage to aid their investigation into vandalism of the cashpoint Barclays bank of campus”.
“Four and a half thousand students live on campus, which is an extremely safe and secure environment, with very low levels of crime”.

“While we continuously review these security measures following any incident that takes place on campus, at the moment, we feel that they’re working well”, added Roger Morgan, replying to the question of whether this incident could incur further security provisions on campus.
As of yet, it is not clear what the  motive for the suspect’s act of vandalism was, although some on campus have linked it to the ongoing campaign to boycott Barclays.

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