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Since the start of term, a concern for both the University and the Students’ Union has been the location of the popular fruit and vegetable market.

The market has been the subject of debate since being moved from the easily-accessible location of Library Square.

The university commented: “in 2011, the market risked not operating at all while extensive refurbishment of the exterior of Falmer House took place.

“As an additional concession after careful discussion and negotiation, it was allowed to operate temporarily in Library Square.

“All the traders were fully aware that this was only ever a temporary location.”

However, there is still uncertainty as to the market’s permanent future location.

Charles Dudley, Director of Residential, Sport and Trading Services, said: “We think it would be best to see how the market thrives in Falmer quad – where it has operated successfully for many years – and we will keep the position under review.”

One worker commented on the frustration of being relocated, stating that given the choice, Library Square would be the preferred location due to the number of students that pass through the area.

She went on to say that other stalls that have been moved have experienced up to a 50% decrease in their sales among students, which may hinder the University’s fair-trade reputation.

Thankfully, despite concerns over clearing rubbish and energy costs, the union have decided in conjunction with the University, that for a period of one month, they will trial the market’s operation in Library Square.

The market is a favourite amongst students, boasting a selection of fruit and vegetables, ranging from fresh strawberries to exotic produce like plantain.

One student claimed that the products are “much better quality than in your average supermarket”.

If the trial period runs smoothly, Library Square may well see a few familiar faces return, however this month will put to the test its practicalities and operational features.

Interested parties have their fingers crossed.


Shivonne Surace

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