As part of the Worthing Churches Homeless Projects, nearly 80 people spent a cold night in a school playground to focus attention on Brighton’s homelessness issue.

Participants used cardboard boxes and plastic sheeting in an effort to keep warm, but most could only manage to sleep outside for a couple of hours.

Sean Kenny, from the charity, said that the ‘sleep-out’ was difficult due to “the noises heard late at night, being uncomfortable and just being outside in the cold for such a long spell.”

He said: “There was no ‘typical’ participant, with people coming from all walks of life. This is something we find represents homelessness in general and we constantly work at breaking down such stereotyping whenever the awareness opportunity arises.”

Worthing Mayor Ann Barlow and Youth Mayor Liam Mills were also there to support everyone involved.
So far a total of almost £10,000 has been raised.

Homeless people are 35 times more likely to be the subject of physical assault and that a third of young homeless people have attempted suicide; 86 percent of young homeless people have been forced to leave home.

Weather warnings issued across the UK, make it increasingly difficult for homeless people who have to sleep outside.

The Worthing Churches Homeless Projects donated things such as soup, sleeping bags and blankets to help local homeless people.

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