A national day of action is being organised to take place on Wednesday 23 November by the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts (NCAFC) student activist group.

It follows the national demonstration in London on 9 November, also organised by the NCAFC, which involved thousands of demonstrators who marched through London supervised by around 4,000 police officers.

In a statement on the NCAFC website, the group wrote that they would “keep the movement mobilised and step up the pressure” with the day of action.

The group is calling for school, college and university students to organise protests within their local institutions, including mass walkouts, protests and occupations.

The NCAFC is asking people to “take action alongside students across the country on this day”.

“We’ve shown the government and we’ve shown the public that we’ve not forgotten about what happened last year”, said James McAsh, of the National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts. We’re going to keep fighting this.”

This latest protest is against fees and cuts and the commercialisation of education and university privatisation.

Its aims are to persuade universities not to make education cuts and to show solidarity with workers in the public sector strike of 30 November.

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