Brighton and Sussex Medical School (BSMS) was rated highly in the National Student Survey (NSS) this year. The Survey found it had the highest level of student satisfaction of any higher education institution in the UK, with a score of 95 percent.

The Director of Education, Dr Inam Haq, remarked: “We are very pleased to have student satisfaction so high again this year.”
“We produce and deliver a medical curriculum that will equip our students to become first-class doctors to meet all the challenges of the 21st century, both nationally and internationally.”

For quality of teaching, a particularly important category, BSMS received 95 percent.

The break-down of teaching quality found that the school received 97 percent for teacher’s explanation of subjects to their students and 94 percent for enthusiasm shown by teachers.

The school was also found to have high satisfaction levels for resources, at 96 percent in total and 100 per cent for the quality of the library.

Perhaps most impressively, BSMS was found to be intellectually stimulating by 99 percent.

Over 90 percent of students believed that the course had had a significant positive influence on their personal development and that they had developed a broad range of essential skills in communication and presentation.

BSMS students are members of both the Sussex and Brighton Students’ Unions.

University of Sussex Students’ Union Communications Officer, Ariel Cohen, said: “it is fantastic to hear that BSMS students are satisfied.

The Students’ Union would like to emphasise our interest in representing the views of BSMS students.”

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