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Brighton Festival Fringe: Anima

The Badger

ByThe Badger

Jun 1, 2011

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Anima was about light and darkness as metaphors for life. How exposed are we or why do we chose to stay in the darkness? What does each of them bring us and how do they inspire us? Do we take life/light for granted?
As promised, the performance started on the free Big Lemon bus service to the venue. Lamps were provided and brought to life, each with different characters and some strong points of view. The eager passengers stayed happily in character in a constant chit-chat as they were instructed.
West Hill Community Hall was the perfect venue for such an intimate performance, which started outside from the moment the audience arrived. Dancers, performers and musicians welcomed and engaged the audience in movement and sound.
The darkness inside never turned fully into light, but rather mutated into a play of shadows, a silent tea party, monologues in different languages and a love story.
This is not a show for the average viewer, but for those who enjoy the abstract, rambles about the meaning of life and theatre with a twist of modern/contemporary dance and poetry.

Inês Klinesmith
News editor

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