The former Taj store will now be a Sainsbury's, the fourth supermarket in the Kemptown area. Photo:

The protest over Taj the grocers has finally come to an end as building work begins at the site. The ‘Sabotaj’ protest hoped to stop the supermarket chain Sainsbury’s opening another store in Brighton.

Sainsbury’s will be the fourth supermarket to open in just a few hundred yards of each other on St James’s Street and scarcely half a mile away from another of their stores in North Street.

Sussex University graduate and Kemp Town resident Alice Woodford said: “I am disappointed to see yet another large chain dominate and area renowned for its thriving local businesses.”

She added: “I was in full support of the Sabotaj movement and really thought it would make a difference this time.”

The police were called in after a judge had ordered a Section 76 court order under the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act, which confirmed that anyone remaining in the building after the 24-hour notice period was trespassing.

Fifty officers were involved in the operation and one man was arrested.

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