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Recently signed trio Esben and the Witch have released their debut album ‘Violet Cries’ this year. Somehow, there is a reason to get excited by their message because this is not some ordinary glee pop. And thank god there is an alternative. This is something more intense and reflective than your average poppy 4music fare. The Badger spoke to guitarist Thomas Fisher on the day of the Brighton show to learn more about the band.

How does it feel to be signed? Very good, amazing, thank you. It’s just great. They approached us which was very flattering.

Any highlights on the tour? We are looking forward to it. We have reworked some tracks. We’re enjoying it because we haven’t been playing in Brighton for quite some time. Also, Trophy Wife is going to be with us for all of the tour dates.

Are you excited for tonight? It was quite a while ago since we played in Brighton. We’ve been to the U.S. for six weeks and also played in London. But we recorded the album in Brighton earlier this year. We also did the Great Escape Festival last year. It’s good to be back home.

What is ‘The Marching Song’? It used to be part of an E.P. It’s an old song that stayed with us which we revisited.

How would you describe your music? I don’t really feel the need for labelling. People can take what they want from it. We want to encourage people to do that.

Best track on the album? I don’t have one…all of the tracks make it work together.

How do you stir up emotions with lyrics? It’s personal feelings and emotions taken from work or life in general that is mixed with different stories. They don’t necessarily belong together but are married in the music.

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