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Centre Stage: Komedia Krater Club

The Badger

ByThe Badger

Feb 7, 2011

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Komedia is perhaps one of the most versatile venues in Brighton, which is an impressive accomplishment considering its competition. Its club nights include Spellbound, an alternative ’80s nights for people who don’t like ’80s nights, and a variety of stand-up routines that have in the past boasted the likes of Russell Howard and Sean Lock.

The well-known Krater Comedy Club provides a good opportunity for people who’ve never seen live stand-up to go and see a show for the first time. The tickets are well-priced for students on a budget and want a decent night out besides pubbing or clubbing. There are shows every Thursday to Sunday with an earlier one on Saturday as well.

Four or five acts mean that there are many different types of comedy performed that range from topical stuff, which can be a little out-of-date at times, to left field or alternative comedy. As it’s a regular event, a lot of comedians have the opportunity to perform at Komedia. This does mean, however, that there is no guarantee that all of the acts will all be hilarious. Despite this I would really recommend the Krater Club because the chances are there will be sufficient gags to make it worth your while going.

The only possible drawback is the seating arrangements. Closely packed tables line most of the theatre, which mean that when the best seats go first audience members are tightly packed together and may not even be able to see the stage. Strangely, the restaurant remains open throughout the gigs. The food, which is not cheap, looked nice enough but many people did not seem impressed with having to eat their meals at tables with such little space.

The benefit of such a claustrophobic venue is that it allows the comedians a greater chance to interact with members of the audience. Many of the best comedians have an uncanny ability to hone in on people who they know will provide them with ample material for banter. Recently at one show the compare was able to kick off with a great start when he stumbled across a champagne drinking posh boy and his reluctant girlfriend.

Unfortunately for Barnaby Charles, who turned out to be a chemical scientist who spends his spare time shooting ducks from his boat, all of the acts teased him relentlessly. They projected his Facebook profile onto a screen and mortified his girlfriend when they proposed to her on Barnaby Charles’s behalf. Good advice for attending any stand-up would be to be prepared to heckle or be heckled.

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