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The music room: Nathan Elliot

The Badger

ByThe Badger

Nov 3, 2010

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Nathan Elliot

Nathan Elliot not only writes and mixes his tunes but also provides guitar, bass and vocals for them. BIMM student Nathan’s obvious commitment to his art shows that Brighton is still the number one place for talented, original and passionate individuals, working their fingers to the bone in closet-like bedrooms and garage studios whilst pushing every song on Myspace.

Nathan’s eclectic rock/pop/electronic influences are clear in his upbeat, glitchy tunes, taking you back to the days of Final Fantasy 7 and the unmistakeable beeps of Pokemon Yellow on Gameboy. The vocals range from autotuning reminiscent of The Postal Service and the rock growling and wailing of self-acclaimed influence Canadian band Alexisonfire, particularly in ‘What a Day!’ and his latest tune ‘Its Like Magic’ which
you can hear for yourself at myspace. com/nathanjameselliot.

Nathan’s obvious passion for music means that this is one to watch out for
on the Brighton scene, especially with electro and autotune making a comeback in the mainstream of 2010 with such bands as Owl City. Be sure to keep an ear out for his latest venture, an as of yet unnamed band with other BIMM students who promise to begin gigging in the Brighton area soon. Watch this space! In the meantime, the Badger managed to track Nathan Elliot down to ask him a few quick questions…

The Beatles or the Rolling Stones?
Rolling Stones. Their rebellious attitude inspires me.

Would you describe yourself as a recording and /or performing artist?
I am both. I have been recording, editing and mixing since the age of about 14 and I love performing my music with energy and really getting the crowd going. It’s all fun really! Tell me about ‘What A Day!’ I started writing ‘What A Day!’ at 3am one morning because I couldn’t sleep and I was bored. But what started off as a slow easy-going song, turned into something completely mad! I like writing unpredictable parts in songs like that which make people react in many different ways which is really fun to watch! The story in the words are loosely based on when I used to wonder around back home in the Falklands to look for something fun to do because there usually wasn’t much on there but I then discover a random house party and have a blast! So it’s quite fun and energetic, which is what I try to do with all my music. ‘What A Day!’ is also now available to download from iTunes.

How do you mix genres the way you do?
Many people I know have moved on from ‘Rock’ music to more modern Electro or ‘Club’ music. So I felt I was the only person who was still really passionate about ‘rocky’ stuff. But it occurred to me that I should try experimenting by mixing the style of music that I like with the style that other people like so I ended up writing more Electro/Rock music which I have actually thoroughly enjoyed writing because there is soMany people I know have kind of moved on from ‘Rock’ music to more much you can do with it!

When can we get to hear your music in Brighton?
I have been getting practises together with my new band and everyone has been really positive which is great so hopefully in the next couple of months which is very exciting!

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