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Joining a sports club: the non-freshers guide

The Badger

ByThe Badger

Oct 22, 2010

Last week I decided to explore whether Freshers Fair was indeed just that; for Freshers, or whether later on in your degree it was still possible to become integrated and accepted into new societies and sports.

This was prompted by a feeling that I’m sure a lot of you non-first years have felt upon arriving back this October – that I didn’t do enough last year.  As a third year Law student, my time to be able to try out and participate in new societies and activities with similarly aged and minded people is drawing to an end, with the world of employment and early nights ominously looming next July.

As a result of this mild societal panic, I headed off alongside all the bright eyed and bushy tailed Freshers, to see what Sussex University had on offer. Upon slowly shuffling round the labyrinthine maze of stalls at the Fair, I was amazed at the plethora of societies that were available this year.  From Ultimate Frisbee to the Assassins Guild, I would challenge anyone to have wandered round and not been drawn in by at least one of the super-friendly recruiters.  Getting caught up in all the positivity and amazing sounding opportunities, I adequately whored out my e-mail address to enough societies to fill my entire week,

Having previously enjoyed the delights of the Cricket and Squash Teams, Fencing, Badminton and Concert Band (all of which I’d really recommend, especially Cricket, Squash and the Concert Band – still being part of them), I thought I’d sample the more obscure, ending up choosing to try out the three K’s of Kayaking, Kickboxing, and Kung Fu, the two T’s of Tennis and Table Tennis, and also Life Drawing, Golf and writing for the Badger – hence this article.

After a very busy last week, I can definitely attest to all of the above society’s brilliance, all being as fantastically welcoming to myself and other similar minded older lads and lasses as the newbies, regardless of ability or previous experience.  Having already been persuaded to head off to Wales next week by the Kayaking crew, been given the workout of my life at Kung Fu (my legs ached so much the next day), and come out on top after a titanic England-German World cup revenge Table Tennis battle, I can honestly say I’m hooked.

As a result of this, I truly urge all of you to go out, and just try something new, as the majority of the people at these clubs did exactly that at some point, and found they loved it.  As the saying goes, “if you don’t try it you won’t know if you like it” (or maybe that was just my dad, but still it’s true).

So if it’s Choir, Sussex Snow, Poda Poda or Women’s Cricket that floats your boat, if not, go off and try something else.  I know many of you will be sitting there thinking about work, but let’s be honest, before summer term how many of us do work after seven o’clock at night.  Even if you just go occasionally, you’ll then have the experience to work from in the future.

So go on; just take out an hour or two a week and you might just surprise yourself with what you end up loving.

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