Caroline Lucas, MEP and leader of the Green Party in Brighton has announced she fully supports the occupation of students at the University of Sussex as they protest against financial cuts and redundancies.
The students began the Stop the Cuts rally on Monday at 2pm on campus in Library Square. More than 150 students moved to the conference room of Bramber House at 4pm to demonstrate their objection to the cuts implemented by Vice-Chancellor Michael Farthing. Around 70 stayed for an all-night sit-in, with on-duty campus security stationed in and around the building for safety measures. The police were also called, however they left after a short time.

Caroline Lucas is standing for election in the Brighton Pavilion constituency. She sent a statement to the protestors today and promised, should she win the upcoming election, to oppose higher education cuts.

She said: “In a recession, the other political parties are calling for cuts left, right and centre, but Greens know the last thing we need right now is more cuts.

“Rather, investment into education and public services will ensure that Britain has the resources to get out – and stay out – of recession.

“World class universities ensure that Britain remains able to compete worldwide, with top class academics, scientists and thinkers. Well funded universities are vital if we are to have a society where ideas, research and innovation are encouraged and promoted.

“Cuts to Higher Education will have a devastating effect on students and staff, as well as Britain’s economy.

“I am proud of our Universities. Education is not a commodity to be privatised. If elected, I pledge to oppose Higher Education cuts and ensure we do not sell future generations short.”

For more information on the protests at Sussex University visit the Stop the Cuts website.

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Caroline Lucas MEP supports Sussex students occupying Bramber House in protest against the cuts

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