A selection of the overwhelming number of responses we have received…

“The VC, Michael Farthing, came to Sussex two years ago on a ticket of growth and expansion. Now he is imposing the most savage set of cuts in the history of the University. In the eyes of most faculty and staff, he is completely discredited.”
Philosophy Tutor; Anon.

“I have no confidence in the current management strategy as a way of reducing costs and developing the University. At best, it will create an atmosphere of despair and disillusionment, which will negatively affect research, teaching, and administration.
Redundancies do not appear to have been dished out simply on the basis of individual performance, but are clearly connected to the University’s ‘development plans’. As such, none of us can be certain that in a few months, under the excuse of yet another financial crisis in the University, we would not be told that our research or teaching does not fit any longer with existing or future priorities.
I do not want to live and work under such a state of fear and anxiety, nor do I want to relinquish my intellectual freedom in order to keep my job. To put it simply, I believe that my future in the University depends directly on stopping all redundancies now.”
Global Studies Tutor; Anon.

“The English department has traditionally been not only the flagship department, but the cash cow producing a surplus income over the last five years, which has subsidised other factions of the University. Why is it that the first time we go into deficit, the result is job cuts in our department? Had we [the English department] been allowed to keep the surpluses that we have produced over the years – i.e. run to our budget – we would be in a very different position now.”
English Tutor; Anon.

“Perhaps the salaries of Senior Management should be reduced to save many members of staff in the firing line?”
Informatics Tutor; Anon.

“I would like to say how saddened I am by the proposed job cuts within Student Support. The Student Advisors and Student Support Coordinators are an extremely dedicated team who are committed to helping students during their time at Sussex.
The Student Advisors work with students who have a wide range of often complex support needs. These students are greatly valued and they deserve a robust support network to help them with any difficulties they encounter.
The drastic reduction in Student Advisors will have a detrimental affect on the ‘student experience’ of many of our students. Student well-being should be a paramount concern of all members of University staff.”
Student Support Coordinator; Anon.

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