“Classic-fucking-rock ‘n’ roll.” Those were the words that entered my head as soon as Everyday Demons, the latest effort from 4-piece The Answer, kicked in. I could tell as soon as the first track started to bite that the boys from Northern Ireland weren’t taking any prisoners.

Try to imagine an album that has the feel of a bluesy AC/DC classic, add a hint of The Darkness plus a vocalist reminiscent of Sammy Hagar and Chris Cornell. Each track retains this classic feel until ‘Comfort Zone’, a slow rock ballad. Closing track, ’Evil Man’, was another seminal number which brought a kind of Lynyrd Skynyrd nostalgia before punching me in the face with a face-melting solo even Jack Black could be proud of.

Quite a cool album if you are a casual rock fan. However I get the impression that many of these songs were written with commercial airplay being the top priority and so lacked the sincerity that a ballsy rock band should have. That said, The Answer are a breath of fresh air and you don’t often hear a band with this kind of sound. Proper rock ‘n’ roll; a forgotten art from the late 70s that Everyday Demons uncovers again, for just a while before indie suffocates again.

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