The Badger loves new music, so when Frankmusik was in town – short-listed by the BBC as one of 15 acts to look out for in 2009 – we just had to have a chat with him to see what all the fuss is about.

Vincent Frank aka Frankmuisk
Vincent Frank aka Frankmuisk

After getting extensively lost in the Brighton Centre we found ourselves being led backstage through many winding passages and launched into several lifts before we finally reached a small conference room. Inside, sat at the head of the table was Vincent Frank aka Frankmusik, dressed like the true South London indie kid he is: skinny jeans, check shirt and an extreme hair cut. Once we got talking with him the conversation flowed from influences to underwear and life in-between.

Conversation started and began with the subject of Keane, whom he is supporting on their current tour. Keane have a vastly different sound from his electro, eighties synthesized music; however, this didn’t trouble him. Actually, he embraced this by pointing out “the fact that we’re different is actually quite good because Keane’s audience will turn up early; they’re older and wiser”. We continued conversing in this fashion until we reached a point where we were actually discussing him and his music. “It’s about bloody time” he’s gained some success, apparently.

Frank hates being pigeon-holed into specific genres. “Genres are a load of crap anyway” he says, “it’s just a way of segregating yourself, like defining yourself by your sexuality”. Using this point as a lead we felt the need to bring up what all prior press has inquired about…his sexuality. After notably modelling for several magazines without much attire, we had to ask. In answer he set us straight: “I like girls; it used to be brunettes, now its blondes”.

On the subject of influences and musical passions, he delved into his inspirations and his current tastes. In his top ten of all time were many styles and many genres, from Bob Dylan to Seventies Disco. However, his current tastes are more inclined to those he’s producing, like Sky Ferreira. There’s nothing like a bit of self publication!

Generally, the interview went well. Vincent was witty and honest, and especially knowledgeable about the falsities of the music industry. His sound might not yet be a country wide hit, but his fans seem to love him, as did some of Keane’s audience.

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Getting frank with Frank

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