Despite being only 5 tracks long, the sampler for the Filthy Dukes upcoming album manages to provide a song for every part of your night out.

Opening track ‘Tupac Robot Club Rock’ is perfect for getting in the party frame of mind – with its aggressive, hip-hop influenced electro beat, it will certainly blow away the cobwebs.

Current single ‘This Rhythm,’ with eerie guest vocals from Late of the Pier’s Sam Eastgate, is probably the most memorable track. Empty dance floor? The futuristic vocals and dirty, danceable beat make this track perfect for getting people up and moving.

Less creepy, but no less attention grabbing is the glitchy masterpiece ‘What Happens Next.’ Its hard, chanting chorus sounds like a crowded club at 2am, with the lights flashing over the heaving dance floor.

And when it all gets too much, ‘Nonsense In The Dark’ is the wind-down track. Its insistent beat pulls you through the intro into the echoing vocals, shakily crooning “it was the moonlight made you do it”.

Hopefully the full album, due for release on 16 March, can live up to the standard set by the sampler. If so, my Saturday night will never sound the same again.

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