Emory Douglas, former Minister of Culture of the Black Panthers, is coming to Sussex to give a lecture on the importance of art in revolution and representation. The event will be chaired by Dr Alana Lentin, a sociology tutor at Sussex and joining her will be Billy X Jennings, Head of the Black Panther Alumni and Sukant Chandan, a member of the Black Panther Commemoration Committee. 
The Black Panther Commemoration Committee in England consists of people from different political experiences and backgrounds who came together in the September 2008 united in the belief that the Black Panther Party for Self Defense was one of the most important experiences of oppressed people’s social, political and cultural struggle in the West.

Emory Douglas, is widely regarded as the person most responsible for conveying the politics of the Panthers into the mass consciousness of Black people in the USA. The meeting will be held 2 days after the announcement of the newly elected President of America is announced.

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Black Panthers come to Sussex

  1. Hi,

    For anyone who wants to know more about Emory Douglas and the work he did, Urbis in Manchester are currently holding an exhibition of his work………

    Black Panther Emory Douglas & the Art of Revolution
    30 Oct – 19 April, Urbis, Manchester

    Emory Douglas, campaigning US artist and first and only Minister of Culture for the Black Panther Party exhibits his work in this UK premiere exhibition at Urbis, telling the story of the Black Panther party through the eyes of his compelling, motivational graphic style which documents civil unrest and rapid change of the late 60’s. Previously unseen in the UK, Douglas’s work from this period, including posters, cartoons and campaign pamphlets will appear in this provocative new exhibition.

  2. if there are any kind of pathers speaches please let me know!, ” NOT THE NEW BLACK PANTHER PARTY” NO DISRESPECT TO THEM, BUT I DONT HATE WHITE PEOPLE!!,..I heard david hilliard was here in england and bobby seal!!! and i missed both, i was not happy!! so please if there is anything let me know thanks! I THINK THE PANTHERS SHOULD BE A PART OF HISTORY IN SCHOOLS, i dont think the goverment teach people what they need to know! even in this time!!! long live huey newton!!

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