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Sussex students to go on Palestine delegation

The Badger

ByThe Badger

Oct 20, 2008

Students from the University of Sussex will soon be embarking on a journey to Tubas, in occupied Palestine, as part of a delegation from ‘The Brighton Tubas Region Friendship and Solidarity Group’.

The group is devoted to “fostering links between community organisations in Tubas, occupied Palestine, and Brighton”. Their primary concerns are to “highlight Israeli war crimes against Palestinians” and raise awareness of what they believe to be the injustice taking place.

The nine delegates, five of whom are students, will all be in Palestine from Saturday 20 October, and will remain in the area for two weeks. They aim to meet Palestinians, hear their stories, and as one of the delegates, second-year student Sophie Altisent, told the Badger, “respond to what needs to be done”. She explained that they “would not be offering anything material”, but would be giving help that could not be provided by simply sending money. Planned activities included helping with the Olive Harvest, vital to the countries economy, and helping a Palestinian student to get a scholarship. Above all, the delegates hope to provide “a voice” for the people of Palestine.

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