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Former Chancellor's photos on campus

The Badger

ByThe Badger

Oct 20, 2008

This week former Chancellor of the Exchequer and Labour M.P. Lord Healey exhibits some of his photographs in a student made exhibition: Dennis Healey, Furniture of Mind. Undergraduate students of history, art history and media set up the interactive and interdisciplinary exhibition with enthusiastic participation of 91 year-old Lord Healey.

Healy, who was a Labour MP from 1955 to 1992, became involved because he lives next door to the vice-chancellor Michael Farthing. The diverse mediums and new technologies express the different sides of the multi-faceted man. Indeed the exhibition does not only deal with political matters but also with his artistic influences and his real passion for nature.

His series of worldwide taken portraits is particularly significant for a man for whom art and family were always more important than politics.

The exhibition is open to the public for free until October 17th in Sussex InQbate.

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