By Dylan Bryant (Music Editor)

After the release of the Aussie trio’s most recent record, How Many Dreams? DMA’S were well equipped for their biggest London headline show to date on April 21st with a set filled to the brim with indie rock bangers.

The band’s latest offering see’s the three-piece take a new direction, weaving elements of electronic dance music into their beloved foundations of rock and I couldn’t wait to see this new sound hit the Wembley Arena stage. 

Opening the night with the title track from the new record, energy was injected right from the off with the tracks glorious shimmering synth and frontman Tommy O’Dell’s immaculate vocals laying the foundations for what was about to become one epic dance party.

How Many Dreams? showcases the band’s growth and evolution as musicians. It’s a perfect blend of their signature sound and new experimental elements that make for a refreshing and exciting listening experience and one that was warmly welcomed by the packed-out Wembley Arena.

The atmosphere was electric as DMA’S played through their set of huge rock anthems and their cult following of fans was evident as thousands who were all dressed in the same ‘casuals’ attire sang along to every lyric word for word. 

This was best highlighted when they played Silver. The room was filled to the edges with pure euphoria as every single person in the arena belted out the lyrics “How do I redefine, All my love for you? I guess I look to the sun with you, look to the sun with you” as fans got on shoulders and flares were held to the air. 

This atmosphere, matched by the bands atmospheric phased funky guitars, groovy drumbeats, catchy hooks and anthemic choruses demonstrated that DMA’S are more than capable of filling arenas across the UK.

The latest album is one for fans both old and new as they inject electronic elements and tease the potential of doing a complete genre switch in years to come. However, with this new direction the band also offer softer moments.  The talent of vocalist, Tommy O’Dell shines through beautifully as his voice is given space to stand out over the cinematic and heart-warming strings on Forever which was performed beautifully live.

DMA’S set list offered a versatile sound. Tracks such as Lay Down raised the energy with its pounding drums and shredding guitars against tracks such as Something We Are Overcoming which wouldn’t sound out of place in a Spotify playlist called ‘dance party bangers’. 

A personal highlight was when they played Delete which they described as “the song that started it all”. With its huge outro of overlapping vocals and big acoustic chords, the track prompted the traditional ritual of people jumping on their friend’s shoulders and pulling out their phone torches, whilst belting out the lyrics “Just let it all out”– a literal description of what most fans were doing in the moment.

It was an amazing night of live music with a truly special atmosphere and a setlist filled to the brim with high energy, synth-laden belters that make you want to dance. 

DMA’S How Many Dreams? OUT NOW

Setlist for DMA’S at OVO Arena Wembley, London on Friday 21st April:

How Many Dreams?


The Glow



Something We Are Overcoming

Tape Deck Sick

Fading Like a Picture

Hello Girlfriend



Play It Out

Lay Down


Blown Away


Feels Like 37

Everybody’s Saying Thursday’s The Weekend

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