By Dylan Bryant (Music Editor)

Pride Will Win (released 21/04/2023) is the latest offering from Brighton based rapper, JED.

The honest track reflects on male mental health which sees the promising lyricist rap candidly about the causes and consequences of young lads valuing pride over the need to open up and discuss their mental health.

The track opens with a stunning piano piece matched by the beautifully sweet voice of Brieya, before JED launches into two long-lasting verses filled to the brim with thought-provoking lyrics and clever wordplay. 

“Really I’m fine, really I’m fine, you deal with your s***, I’ll deal with mine, saying these lies it feel alright, cause the pride sounds cool until it steals a life”, is just one of the lines that sticks out, highlighting the undeniable talent and honesty of Jed.

The release of the track comes after Jed teased it on TikTok, accumulating thousands of views and plenty of positive feedback. 

JED has already been praised by 20-year-old Brighton rapper ArrDee who has risen to popularity in recent years.

JED’s expressive lyricism and emotive delivery is complimented by Brieyas stunning vocals who demonstrates her talents beautifully in the infectious chorus. The versatile singer shows her range over the poignant piano composed by producer JustDan. 

Speaking on the track, JED says; “Talking about how we feel is still really difficult for me and most lads I know. We think there’s some sort of pride in just getting on with it and keeping your mouth shut. That’s what inspired me to write this, I was almost frustrated at seeing myself and my mates being held back from helping ourselves by our own pride.”

Both JED and Brieya, who are both based in Brighton have a plethora of individual music coming up in 2023 with JED’s debut project Saturday to Saturday to look forward to. The debut project and the singles to look forward to will undoubtedly build excitement around JED as he begins to establish himself as an artist with serious potential.

Pride Will Win released 21/04/2023

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