Words by Alex Lewis

If you’re like me, you need a place to study that isn’t also where you sleep. If you’re also like me you will have found out how hard it is to find a good study spot on campus during exam seasons. I often find myself playing musical chairs by doing laps around the library or the Student Centre and hoping that someone will have left by the time I’ve finished my circuit. I feel as if this could be partially solved by giving a greater awareness of other study spaces on campus i.e Falmer House common room or Arts C study area. However, I found myself disappointed with the new multi-million pound Student Centre that has so few tables, chairs and charging ports. On the one hand I understand the rationality of spacing out the tables as not to create an overwhelming space, especially for students who benefit from this. However, this should be considered when creating any study space and should not be the reason for the lack of available study areas. For a university population that exceeds 18,000, it begs the question of who the student centre really built for? Because it certainly doesn’t seem as if it was for the everyday studying student. 

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