Words by Sophie McMahon, Comment Editor

For most, the Monarchy has always seemed like a myth. A lineage placed on the highest pedestal, each member born into such immense privilege that to the average British person they feel more than human; non-people or God-like. That is until Harry brought them back down to Earth. In his latest public spectacle, the former HRH details his ‘personal journey from trauma to healing’ in his tell-all memoir, Spare. While it is impossible to detail every example of how this book illustrates his complete cluelessness as to the sheer extent of his privilege. Perhaps his grievances over having the pokier bedroom as a child, gives you some idea. It follows comments made in the Netflix docu-series Harry & Meghan, which aired last month, where the couple were filmed complaining about the size of Nottingham Cottage, their gifted residence in Kensington Palace’s grounds. To put this into perspective, according to Shrink That Footprint, the average British home in 2022 was 818 square feet, which is dwarfed by ‘Nott Cott’ at 1,324 square feet, making it over 62% larger than the typical home. It baffles me how he speaks with such nonchalance about the topic amid the cost-of-living crisis, which has seen thousands not only being unable to find a home, but also unable to afford to heat one. We know Britain is no longer your home, ‘H’, but next time, and we all know there will be one, try a little harder to know your audience.

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty


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